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What Makes Us Unique

What makes us Unique

CARD employees have a deep desire to help families because the environment they work in is like a big family, so that word "family" means something to them. That is only part of what makes us unique. Another thing that makes us unique is that CARD employees have access to some of the best resources AVAILABLE. CARD has been a leader in the development of innovative applications of information technology to the treatment of autism and for the dissemination of applied behavior analysis. CARD'S WEB-based toolkit, Skills®, is the most comprehensive assessment, curriculum, and treatment management system in existence for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. Empirical research on several aspects of the system is ongoing and studies have already been published on components of the assessment and staff training systems. All CARD employees are given access to Skills®.

In addition to CARD's technology, CARD employees have access to CARD's renowned Research and Development department. While the primary focus of CARD's research is ABA-based methods of assessment and treatment, the overall approach to research includes any topic which may hold promise for producing information that could improve the lives of individuals with autism. At CARD, we value our relationships with the families we serve and CARD researchers take an active role in participating in the parent support and advocacy communities. CARD researchers strive to produce research that is not only of academic interest, but also of everyday practical value to the families we strive to support. CARD clinicians are encouraged to work with R&D and get involved with research protocols and data collection.

What sets CARD apart from other ABA providers, is access to our founder and Executive Director, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh. A pioneer and leader in the field, Dr. Doreen is accessible to every CARD employee. As busy as she is, Dr. Doreen makes it a point to personally get to know each of the therapists and share her expertise. This type of interaction makes Dr. Doreen easy to talk to and approachable so every employee feels comfortable talking to her and using her as a resource. Dr. Doreen fosters an environment of collaboration and possibilities.

Every CARD employee is treated as a valuable professional and an important member of the CARD family. Through state-of- the-art training, support from experienced, certified clinicians and access to renowned research, we help build careers that make a difference!

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